Available in the United States October of 2022

Click the music note to  hear VRA sounds >

Flex Toy is a stand-alone traditional visual reinforcement audiometry (VRA) that integrates into Flex video VRA for complete control of all stimuli from the remote control.  


Internal speakers provide sound that plays during activation.  Use our standard music box sound or upload your own music to the box.

With one button press, activate any box in an "always on" mode while you perform tympanometry or OAE in the booth.


Each box is designed to easily access and swap toys when desired.

Our silent spinning motor combined with our custom designed toys are guaranteed to delight your pediatric patients.


Flex Toy works seamlessly with FlexPC (control VRA while performing computerized audiometry) and GSI Audiostar Pro Integration.

toy web_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Customize the light border during activation from the remote.  Choose between red, green, and blue flashing LED lights.

Distract Mode
Swap Toy
LED Light Border
Startle Free

The perfect pair.

Choose between toy, video, or simultaneous activation from your remote control! 

The Remote

Some audiologists want a variety of options to choose from.  Some want simplicity. 

We give you both.


Flex Toy with LIghts/Action

Flex Toy LED Light Color




Flex Toy Action Only


Ideal for Flex Toy Stand-alone systems or for audiologists who don't need to change stimuli often


Ideal for Flex Toy and Video combination systems, and audiologists with a desire to rapidly change stimuli during testing.