Cartoon.  Animal.  Toys.  One System.

Pictured above:  New "Slow Reveal" Visual Reinforcement Audiometry Stimuli on the new 21 inch monitor

What's New?

The best part about the Flex VRA is that the reward changes with each presentation and it keeps the patient's interest longer.  This allows for more trials and better results.

Mari Lee Chartier


Seton Children's ENT

It’s really helpful to switch between the different types of videos. After a little while, I can tell that some kids start to lose interest, and when I switch it from animals to toys, for instance, they perk right back up. In the past, using the toys that light up, or just video clips from the same videos, I found that kids lost interest fairly quickly.
I have also really liked the “distract” function, and I use that pretty often when I’m getting tymps and OAEs on kids. It makes it a lot easier for the kids that have a hard time sitting still during testing!

Leah Doty, Au.D.

Guthrie Medical Center

Both your VRA system and customer service are oustanding!

Retired Audiology Coordinator 

Kaiser Permanente

The Flex VRA system worked great! The toys were definitely helpful. I liked all the different combinations of options. 


Mayo Clinic

Distract Mode

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Traditional VRA with sound, lights, distract, and integrates with video VRA
Coming October of 2022*

*Only Available in the United States

"My patient LOVED Flex Toy and so did my director! The little guy's eyes were darting between the toys and video, but mostly stayed on the toys.  He was super excited and happy!"

Valerie Sonneveldt, Au. D.
Moog Center for Deaf Education

Remove distractions without losing sight of the patient
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